Allene La Spina, Executive Director

Allene and her bike are inseparable.  She bikes everywhere: from work, to the grocery store,  taking her dog and cat to the Vet, to the museum, to the galleries and pretty much anywhere she can physically get to.  She has loved biking since she can remember and has made sure to live in places that allow her to get around in one. Originally from Colombia, she lived in San Francisco, New York and moved to New Orleans in 2016.

Since her arrival to New Orleans, she has become an active part of the biking community which include devoting endless volunteer hours to Nola Social Ride, Stolen Bikes Nola and – of course – Bike Easy where she was awarded Volunteer of the Year back in 2017.  She also got her LCI Certification through the organization and was able to work one on one with the team while advocating for more fun and safe biking in Greater New Orleans.

She currently serves as the Executive Director, supporting all of the various programs of Bike Easy while developing the organization and Board.