Bike Easy Certified

Bike Easy Certified is a way to acknowledge organizations in Louisiana which actively work to promote the bicycling community. When an organization displays a Bike Easy Certified logo on their website or at their physical location they are showing their support for biking in the region. 

Each Bike Easy Certified organization has taken steps to improve: the biking landscape, education for and around bicycling, and advocacy for complete streets. In addition, you can trust each one of these organizations to have the most up to date information on Bike Easy’s campaigns and upcoming events.

Become a Bike Easy Certified Organization

Get your organization Bike Easy Certified today! Businesses, non-profits, and places of worship are just some of the organizations able to qualify for this distinction.  By becoming a Bike Easy Certified Organization, you’ll be able to show your audience and ours the great work your organization has done to support bicycling in Greater New Orleans....

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