Staff & Board

Bike Easy is comprised of thousands of people – Members, volunteers, supporters, and riders – and the people on the staff and board focus on keeping the whole group rolling together!

The Bike Easy Board of Directors are dedicated volunteers who are responsible for determining strategic direction, conducting financial oversight, and developing capacity of the organization. The Board appoints and oversees the Acting Executive Director, who leads the team of staff working to manage day-to-day operations, develop capacity, and implement Bike Easy programs & campaigns.

Allene La Spina, Executive Director
Laura Harris, Education Programs Coordinator
David Meza, Community Programs Coordinator
Isabella Bustamante, Youth Programs Coordinator
Eric Spinrad, Education Programs Coordinator Assistant

Board of Directors - 2021

Greta Cappelmann (She/Her), Board President
Stacie Henderson, Board Vice President
Andrew Owens, Board Treasurer
Tessa Jagger, Board Secretary
A.J. Allegra, Board Member
Elyse Bejasa, Board Member
Gary Brandt, Board Member
Allison Cormier, Board Member
Robert Gassiot, Board Member
Les Leathem, Board Member
Randy Legeai, Board Member
Candice Marti, Board Member
Samuel Spencer, Board Memeber
Carlos Stich, Board Member
Camly Tram, Board Member