Our Story

Bike Easy was founded as the Metro Bicycle Coalition of New Orleans in 2003 when a group of dedicated volunteers came together to advocate for dedicated funding for bicycle infrastructure. In 2004, the nascent organization had its first win with “5% for Bikes” when the City of New Orleans allocated 5% of a bond measure to supporting bike infrastructure. 

In 2008, the Metro Bicycle Coalition of New Orleans formalized and became a 501c3 non-profit organization.

In 2010, the Metro Bicycle Coalition of New Orleans hired its first staff member – Executive Director, Jamie Wine. Later that year, the organization was rebranded to become Bike Easy.

From that point the organization began growing quickly, adding more educational programming, community events, and advocacy wins.

Over the years, many dedicated Board Members, staff, Members, volunteers, funders, sponsors, partners, and supporters have contributed immense time, effort, and resources to achieving the mission Bike Easy. Many thanks especially to dedicated staff members, past and present, including Jamie Wine, Marin Tockman, Anneka Olson, Naomi Doerner, Virginia Brisley, Dan Favre, Keith Holt, Laura Harris, Rob Henig Bell, Heather Haylett, David Meza, Ashley Mills, Allene La Spina, Katie Hunter-Lowry, Elon Glickman, and Dana Marecheau.

The number of  Board Members, volunteers, supporters, and partners who have helped the organization grow in size and impact is too large to list them all. The success of this organization is truly owed to support from the Greater New Orleans community.

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