Complete Streets

Bike Easy is committed to making streets safe, accessible, and sustainable for everyone across Greater New Orleans

What are Complete Streets?

Streets built to share are safe for people biking, people walking, people taking transit, and people driving. The Complete Streets approach is based on the premise that everybody, regardless of who they are, where they live, or how they get around, should have the choice to travel in a safe and convenient manner. Complete Streets also help our region better live with water by incorporating stormwater management features into roadways.

An effective Complete Streets policy means every street that is built or reconstructed is designed to accommodate all people. Our long-term goal is that this complete streets approach is institutionalized and normalized in all jurisdictions of Greater New Orleans and that all steps of street design, construction, and operations embody these values.

Bike Easy is a proud member of the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition….


Complete Streets benefit everyone in the region.

Complete streets improve safety for all people on the roadways – whether driving, biking, walking, or taking transit. Complete streets provide viable transportation alternatives, thus reducing traffic congestion and parking demand. Complete streets help produce better health outcomes by reducing air pollution and promoting physical activity by allowing people to safely walk and bike. Complete streets help spur economic growth by decreasing transportation costs and connecting people to their jobs, neighborhood businesses, churches, healthcare providers, and schools. Complete streets strengthen communities by empowering youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, and other marginalized groups to be mobile. Complete streets stand to make our region healthier, wealthier, and stronger.

    • People who drive enjoy comfortable travel speeds, improved safety, more clearly organized roadways, and increased predictability from people biking and walking.
    • People who walk enjoy well-maintained sidewalks and walking paths, street trees, benches, and high-visbility crosswalks.
    • People who bike enjoy dedicated spaces for riding and low speed limits, making for a safe comfortable riding experience and increased adherence to rules of the road from fellow riders. Numerous bicycle racks also allow easy parking next to popular destinations.
    • People who ride transit enjoy covered shelter, benches, and easy-to-read transit signage. Loading platforms are strategically placed away from active traffic to make getting on and off the vehicle a safe and stress-free transition.
    • People of all ages and abilities can travel in confidence knowing that ADA curb ramps, low speed limits, and high visibility will make for a safe and comfortable journey.
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Fellow organizations in the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition

For a full listing of Members, Supporters, and Executive Committee Members, please visit



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