Discount Rack Program

Looking to encourage people on bike to come to your business or organization? Consider securing bike parking through our Discount Rack Program. If you’re on a budget but looking to promote your business, this is the option for you!

Bike Easy is offering a discounted bike rack program to support local organizations looking to secure bike racks on a budget. These racks come at a discounted price at nearly half the cost of comparable bike racks. However, it’s inexpensive – not cheap! These heavy-duty racks are still great for security and ease of use, unlike other less expensive bike parking options. 

These bike racks hold 10 bikes each and can be free standing or anchored in to concrete


Discount Bike Rack Details:

  • Galvanized steel 
  • Concrete anchors, tamper-resistant bolts and nuts included
  • 13′ x 2’6″  installation
  • Delivery and assembly provided by Bike Easy (installation in to ground not provided) 
  • Assistance in permit application for on-street or right-of-way placement
  • Curb stops provided
  • $500 donation to Bike Easy gets you all of the parts and hardware

Discount Rack – One Pager 

Single discount racks are now available for $100 (parks 2 bikes)

If you’re looking for more custom bike parking options, please check out our Dero Advocacy Dealer Program!

For a site assessment or to order a Discount Bike Rack please contact David Meza, Bike Parking Coordinator

Bike Rack Specs

Review the measurements and installation specs