Laura Harris, Education & Policy Manager

Laura has been an integral part of the New Orleans bicycle community living and biking across this city since the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Having served as Bike Easy’s first intern, she has long been a part of the story of better biking in the city. From working as a pedicab driver, to doing long-distance bike tours, and living for years in the city without a car, she’s experienced the joys of life on a bike in many ways.
A League Certified Instructor and Master of Urban & Regional Planning, she serves as Bike Easy’s Education & Policy Manager, overseeing all aspects of development and management of Bike Easy’s education programs, from bringing bikes to kids in schools to working to educate drivers on safely sharing the road. She also works to support activations with the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition as well as advocacy efforts in policy and design.  Laura believes in the power of making our cities better places for people through transforming our transportation and urban form to support a healthier community.