Sometimes it’s necessary to repeat and articulate the obvious. We need to support better conditions for people on bikes. Here are a few reasons why (and there are so many more!):

  • Bicycling is a great way to engage in community. On bikes, you see each other. You see the neighborhoods in which you traverse. You smell them. You hear the music. You recognize friends and neighbors, and they see you.
  • The environment. We all want to live in a healthier world, don’t we? One more person on a bike is one less person in a car. One less parking space is needed (up to 20 bikes can usually fit into the total space typically required to park one car)! When we create better infrastructure for people biking, the environment wins – more people riding equals less driving, reducing emissions, reducing traffic congestion and reducing the need for land use dedicated to car parking!
  • Economy. Biking is good for business! Multiple studies have found that, with installation of new bikeway infrastructure, more people stop and shop!
  • Riding bikes is fun. Hands down, you can’t argue with this one! Good for the mind, body and spirit in every way. It’s especially fun when you feel safe doing it!
  • Better biking is good for all people. Even for those who many never cycle, making conditions better for people biking will serve to increase opportunity, relieve congestion, and support the economy for the entire community.
  • And, most importantly, we are all people. Just as people are drivers of cars, riders on the bus, or pedestrians crossing the street, people on bikes are PEOPLE trying to get from point A to B. People who bike for transportation pay taxes just the same as people who drive (therefore actually paying MORE than their “fair share” considering maintaining roadways for autmobiles is significantly more costly than bike paths). Whether they are on their way to work, school, or just out for a ride, people on bikes are legally entitled to the space on the road in which they need to operate safely.

Ralph “Peedy” Brooks was one of these people. We need to do better for our people.

Please consider joining the Justice for Peedy ride tomorrow morning. The ride meets at Bayou St. John at 8 am, and departs for City Hall at 9.

We’re also continuing to keep our petition, Tell Our Elected Officials: People on Bikes are Dying in our Streets, open until we see action being taken towards keeping people on bikes safe. Click here to sign on in support.

For even more researched-based points to help yourpush for bike advocacy, check out this in-depth fact sheet from PeopleForBikes.

Let’s keep it rolling until we can all feel safe on two wheels across Greater New Orleans.