A letter from our Executive Director

Today, I am reaching out to urge you to contact your elected officials and join us in demanding immediate action to enhance the safety of our streets.

I want to convey Bike Easy’s profound concern regarding the alarming surge in hit-and-run bicycle crashes within our community.  In the past 4 weeks alone, we have witnessed at least 4 such incidents in the New Orleans metro area so far, one of which tragically resulted in a fatality.  As an organization committed to promoting safe and accessible bicycling in Greater New Orleans, we are deeply troubled by the devastating impact these incidents have on individuals, families, and our entire community.

Hit-and-run crashes involving bicycles not only can result in tragic loss of life but also inflict profound emotional and physical trauma on victims and their loved ones. Moreover, these incidents erode trust and confidence in our streets and transportation systems, hindering efforts to promote bicycling as a safe and sustainable mode of transportation.

Bike Easy recognizes the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address hit-and-run bicycle fatal crashes, and to ensure justice for victims and their families. The alarming lack of accountability regarding local traffic violence has become the norm, and as advocates, we find ourselves running out of words to express how this affects and impacts our collective efforts to make New Orleans an easy, safe, and fun place for all of us to feel safe to ride to our destinations.

5 years ago, we lost 2 members of our community in an attempted hit and run on Esplanade Avenue.  At the time, we mobilized in massive numbers to voice community concern, resulting in the city committing to prioritizing safety of vulnerable road users. Simultaneously, Moving New Orleans – an effort to improve safety, access, and connectivity for people riding bicycles – held 8 community meetings for input which lead to our Bikeway Blueprint.  Then, in 2020, the Complete Streets Policy & Program was updated.

Despite the initial momentum for progress and awareness of safer streets, the enthusiasm has diminished over the years.  Tragically, people continue to loose their lives or sustain serious injuries on our streets. These incidents are preventable when we work together towards a safer environment for everyone using our road: especially for those most vulnerable – people walking and biking.

Investing and prioritizing safer streets, protected bike lanes, and infrastructure enhancements that prioritize people’s safety, coupled with raising awareness about the importance of sharing the road safely will significantly contribute to the positive change we seek.

Today, I implore you to reach out to your elected officials and demand that they take immediate action by implementing the City’s Complete Streets Policy & Program the way it was intended and make our streets safer.

Reach out to elected officials via email/call/social media:

  • Mayor LaToya Cantrell – – 504.658.4900
  • Helena N. Moreno – Councilmember At-Large – – 504.658.1060
  • JP Morrell – Councilmember At-Large – – 504.658.1070
  • Joseph I Giarrusso III – Councilmember District A – – 504.658.1010
  • Lesli Harris – Councilmember District B – – 504.658.1020
  • Freddie King III – Councilmember District C – – 504.658.1030
  • Eugene J. Green – Councilmember District D – – 504.658.1040
  • Oliver Thomas – Councilmember District E – – 504.658.1050

Thank you for your attention to this critical mater.  Your advocacy can make a substantial difference in creating a safer and more livable community for everyone.

Allene La Spina
Executive Director

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