As part of our “Call to Action” to contact elected officials to ask them to prioritize protecting vulnerable road users, we’ve received several accounts of incidents, we’re sharing some of them with you below:

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Nellie – Incident in District A

Click here to hear her story told during the Ride for Our Lives Rally in 2021

Colleen – Incident in District A

I almost got killed on Carrollton Thursday night (March 26th, 2023) I was crossing right in front of five guys carrollton, on the bike path lafitte greenway, I had crossed from 32 flavors side and was in the neutral ground, Two cars had stopped so I could cross. The middle lane was open as I was crossing somebody approaching switched lanes and sped up as I was crossing on the bike, I swerved to avoid getting hit and crashed on carollton hurt my hand skinned my knee and elbows. As I’m on the ground, the guy who almost hit me, is telling me off for crossing the road. At this point, I’m upset and crying and I flipped him off for almost killing me and telling me off, thru his window. Then he starts to tell me he’s going to get out of the car and kick my ass as I’m laying on the road, I heard someone in the car tell him “no let’s go” so they finally pulled away, im still laying on the ground.. I know! I should’ve kept my gestures to myself, but can’t I cross the road without risking my life? Anyway, there is a new light system setup right there, can we turn it on? This is one of the hardest areas to cross wether biking or walking. I was really in shock when this happened and I couldn’t tell you anything about the car or the person, but there were 2 cars that witnessed the whole thing. They did not approach me until I got up and crossed the road. I am thinking they were scared of this person also, or they would have got out and tried to help me when I was on the ground.

Colleen – Incident in District D

While riding on the Greenway and trying to cross broad, two cars had stopped for me, and I was crossing a car behind them, decided to drive up on the sidewalk to pass the other two cars who had stopped and barely missed me as I’m screaming…

Nathan – Incident in District A

I just wanted to share my personal bike accident story, even though the severity of it was not bad compared to some of the other awful incidents in NOLA regarding bicyclists. – On August 16, 2022, I experienced a harrowing incident while biking along Esplanade Avenue, heading towards City Park. While pedaling in the designated bike lane, I encountered an SUV that was driving suspiciously close to my speed. Throughout the block, the driver repeatedly accelerated and decelerated, denying me the opportunity to overtake or follow at a safe distance. Despite my utmost vigilance, remaining within my designated lane and carefully monitoring the driver for any signals indicating their intentions, I was taken aback when, without warning, the vehicle abruptly braked and swerved directly into my path. – In a split second, I instinctively shouted in an attempt to alert the driver, desperately applied my brakes, and leaned left, hoping to avoid a devastating collision. I was fortunate that the only injury I sustained was the impact of the SUV’s passenger side mirror against my chest. – What unfolded next was equally distressing. Before I could fully comprehend the gravity of the situation, the driver of the SUV exclaimed, “Don’t look, don’t look!!!!” It became apparent that she was speaking to her teenage passenger a mere inches from me, shielding her from the aftermath of what she assumed to be a horrific accident. At that moment, I realized I was just a few feet away from patrons at Cafe Degas, who were witnessing this event unfold. Driven by a surge of adrenaline, my immediate instinct was to flee. I biked away from the scene, overwhelmed by embarrassment, fear, and a sense of helplessness. I cannot recall if anyone at the cafe attempted to assist me or offered any words of comfort, as my primary concern was shouldering the blame for the teenager’s trauma and my apprehension that, as a black man, I would be unjustly held accountable if the police were involved. – I pedaled as swiftly as possible towards City Park. Once I reached a place where I felt secure, I carefully inspected myself for injuries and thankfully discovered that I had emerged physically unscathed. However, this incident compelled me to reflect on the countless other similar incidents that go unnoticed, unreported, and unaddressed in our city’s bike safety landscape. – As we embark on this Call to Action campaign, aiming to shed light on the escalating number of fatal bike accidents, it is crucial for us to recognize that my experience is not an isolated incident. Many cyclists face similar ordeals every day, enduring terrifying encounters that seldom make headlines but are no less distressing. It is our responsibility to ensure their safety and protect their lives.

Deborah – Incident in District A

In August of 2019, I was hit by a car making a u turn on Bienville. He hit my outside wheel of my three wheel adult trike. I apparently hit the roof of his car then the street. Knocked unconscious, broken bones, concussion and lots of skin missing. Nothing was done about it because I remember nothing. His word was all we had. I got nothing. My bike didn’t get fixed. My bills didn’t get paid. Nothing was done at all. End of story.