Last Monday in New Orleans, a person on a bicycle was killed in a crash with a person in a motorized vehicle. Traffic fatalities are always difficult for families, friends, and communities, due to the loss of life as well as the fact that many crashes are largely avoidable through proper street infrastructure, education, and safe, defensive navigation techniques. Regardless of the reason for the crash, Bike Easy realizes that with any death, it is more important than ever to continue its mission to educate people on foot, bikes, and in cars with resources, and advocate for improved infrastructure to coexist safely on New Orleans’ streets.

This traffic fatality comes at a time when the City Council is debating the removal of protected bike lanes in Algiers. Whether on New Orleans’ East Bank or West Bank, Bike Easy’s direction remains the same when it comes to our stated goals of envisioning “safe, convenient transportation options for everyone and the freedom to get around easily.” It is imperative that city planners and council members continue to support and create street infrastructure for all people navigating the city’s streets, regardless of the mode of transportation. Traffic crashes can be reduced through the addition of more buffered bike lanes, better signage, marked crosswalks, and better public transit options.

To further support its mission of education, advocacy, and community outreach, Bike Easy is proud to be a partner of New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition whose stated purpose and goal is “street infrastructure that doesn’t leave people driving, biking, or walking to navigate incomplete connections that force everyone into unsafe and confusing situations.” Through this partnership, Bike Easy remains committed to making New Orleans’ streets easy, safe, and fun for everyone.

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