A message from the Board…

Dear Bike Easy Community,

Below is our statement in regards to the issues with the Algiers Protected Bike Lanes followed by all the ways you can help:



The issue of the bike lanes in Algiers first came up in January of 2022 when a Resolution to review the bike lanes in Algiers was presented at City Council.  For a more detailed timeline, links to public comments, and list of what we’ve done as an organization is in this blog, which includes a copy of the letter sent to every Council Member and Mayor last week, click here.

What can you do to help keep biking easy, safe and fun in Greater New Orleans?

  • Attend tonight’s Community Engagement Meeting at Alice Harte – Especially if you are an Algiers resident. 
  • Contact your Council Members and the Mayor with your thoughts on protected bike lanes, and how it has personally benefitted you to have a protected bike network.  While there is still a lot of work to be done to complete the network, the threat of removing even a small portion of it, is a step in the wrong direction.
    • Helena N. Moreno – Councilmember At-Large – – 504.658.1060
    • JP Morrell – Councilmember At-Large – – 504.658.1070
    • Joseph I Giarrusso III – Councilmember District A – – 504.658.1010
    • Lesli Harris – Councilmember District B – – 504.658.1020
    • Freddie King III – Councilmember District C – – 504.658.1030
    • Eugene J. Green – Councilmember District D – – 504.658.1040
    • Oliver Thomas – Councilmember District E – – 504.658.1050
    • Mayor LaToya Cantrell – – 504.658.4900
  • Sign Bike Easy’s petition* in support of safe, connected bikeways in Algiers.   We will forward this to city officials prior to the Regular Council being held on Thursday, September 15th were Resolution R-22-391 will be voted on.Brief (as stated in City Council’s Agenda):
    Stating that notwithstanding any authorization in Section 146-36 or any other provision of law to the contrary, no portion of the public roadway consisting of Newton Street between Elmira Avenue and Behrman Avenue, and of MacArthur Boulevard between General De Gaulle Drive and Woodland Drive shall be reserved or dedicated exclusively to use by bicycles or other non-motorized vehicles.

    We will also use this list to send you a reminder once the Public Comments link for that meeting is live, so you can voice your thoughts and concerns.  You are highly encouraged to come in person that day.
  • Show up the the Regular Council Meeting on Thursday, September 15th, where the Resolution will be voted on.  The City Council really needs to hear how this will impact us all!  It is time to speak up, and we are counting on your support to do this.

In Service,

Bike Easy Team