Bike Easy has teamed with local organizations to provide transportation solutions to those in need.

This past week, Bike Easy has teamed up with a couple of great organizations to provide free yearly passes for Blue Bikes. As part of our work with the Better Bike Share Partnership, we’re working to give free yearly passes to those most in need of reliable and cheap transportation. Though anyone receiving SNAP benefits or Medicaid can qualify for “Blue Bikes For All” and receive a yearly subscription for just $20, there are many people who do not necessarily meet those requirements, or have the $20 to initially invest. To better serve these individuals, Bike Easy has teamed with organizations working with that population and providing training, so staff can sign up their guests and ensure they are providing all the necessary information on bicycle safety and how to avoid Blue Bike fees. So far, we’ve trained staff at 2 organizations:

The First 72+ – an organization dedicated to improving the lives of formerly incarcerated individuals. Many of the individuals seeking assistance through this organization are recently released from incarceration and are dedicated to putting their lives back together. The organization houses up to 5 people at a time while providing continued assistance to people through their office. With a Blue Bike hub only a few blocks from their office, the free passes can help recipients: expand employment opportunities, visit family/friends, make it to the First 72+, and generally enjoy a freedom they haven’t had in a while. Read more about their organization on their website, also keep an eye out for their monthly Fish Fry!

Edmundite Mission – The Edmundite Mission in the 7th Ward runs a food pantry every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Bike Easy discussed the program with staff and the pastor and all agreed it would be a good fit. For the initial day, Bike Easy was on site to sign people up for their free passes while Edmundite Mission staff oversaw the process. Moving forward, Bike Easy has provided all the necessary information and continued support as staff at the mission are available to sign up those coming through their system. Though some of the recipients may not have their SNAP or Medicaid cards, they all adhere to federal guidelines for financial assistance in order to receive the benefits of the mission.

“Thanks for providing this service! It is a great benefit to our constituents.” – Monicka, Edmundite Mission

Since the launch of our work we’ve provided 140 passes to individuals or programs that can pass them off to individuals. If you know an organization we can provide this training or service to please feel free to email