Bike Easy is working to make sure the Blue Bikes system works as a transportation solution to service and hospitality workers.

As part of our Blue Bikes For All programming, Bike Easy is trying to make sure the bike share system works for locals that are most in need of affordable transportation solutions. Bike Easy has been providing free passes, along with safe biking information and details on how to avoid charges during the trial period, so employees can best utilize this option and determine if it is a viable solution for them.

This week, Tsunami Sushi hosted a 30 minute workshop which was made available to all their employees. Ahead of the heavily traffic of the upcoming parades, employees were excited to have an option that will allow them to avoid car traffic or the hassle of finding parking.

To make these passes more available to service and hospitality workers Bike Easy will be providing free passes and information to all service and hospitality workers at the Rusty Nail Monday, February 25th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm All service/hospitality workers will receive a discount code good for one free month of Blue Bikes. Anyone receiving SNAP/Medicaid can receive a code for a free year “Reduced Fare” pass.