New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition praises draft of bikeway network blueprint for promise of safety, equity, and connectivity

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Bikeway Network Will Bring Benefits to All People on the Roads

Just released draft of bikeway network blueprint promises safety, equity, and connectivity

NEW ORLEANS – Last night, Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s Office of Transportation and Department of Public Works released a draft of the proposed city-wide bikeway network. The New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition and a variety of road users from the Greater New Orleans area praised the carefully planned blueprint for the improvements it will bring to all people – whether driving, biking, riding transit, or walking. In conjunction with other transportation efforts underway, the City of New Orleans and its partners are moving forward with major improvements to safety, equity, and quality of life.

Leaders of The New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition from organizations such as Bike Easy, Ride New Orleans, GirlTrek and the American Heart Association New Orleans have been working closely with the Office of Transportation to gather community input on this topic, and are excited about how these plans are coming together and what this means for the future of mobility in New Orleans.

“Good bike infrastructure benefits everyone, even if they never ride a bike. By implementing the connected, protected, and low-stress bikeway network vision released yesterday, biking will become safer and more accessible and driving around people biking will become easier and clearer,” said Dan Favre, Executive Director of Bike Easy, “This blueprint represents a lot of careful planning and hard work by the Mayor and many people in City Hall, and it incorporates an enormous amount of community input. We are thrilled with the result and are excited to support every step of moving forward to get it built.”

“This is exciting news and great timing as we are simultaneously undergoing a similar planning process called New Links that intends to reimagine the regional transit network,” explained Alex Posorske, Executive Director of Ride New Orleans, the regional transit advocacy organization, “In tandem, these joint efforts can maximize mobility options providing safer, faster, and more equitable access that will better connect people to jobs, school, the doctor’s office, and all the other places people need to go. These are positive steps that will transform transportation in the Greater New Orleans region.”

“All communities are dependent on transportation. For our businesses in Algiers to thrive, we need safe, convenient access to and from our residential communities. Bikes are the transportation of choice for a large and growing number of our residents, especially kids and families, and for that reason, AEDF is excited about Mayor Cantrell’s plan to expand safe biking in Algiers and across New Orleans,” said Derrick Martin, Executive Director of the Algiers Economic Development Foundation.

“At GirlTrek we are mobilizing Black women to move; we walk, we bike, we run, and we are focused on living longer and healthier lives. We feel strongly that we should be able to step right out of our front doors and walk safely in the streets. So, we are thrilled to see the bike network plan because streets that are safer for people who bike are also safer for people who are walking whether to get to work, play or for health reasons,” stated Onika Jervis, National Director of Neighborhood Expansion for GirlTrek.

Dr. Kathleen Kennedy, Board Chair for the American Heart Association New Orleans adds, “The American Heart Association is a firm believer in streets built to share. Everyone deserves well-maintained roads, sidewalks, and paths for physical activities. A comprehensive policy and concerted efforts to this end will promote healthier lifestyles, foster more livable communities and improve public safety.”

Details of the network blueprint, the process of developing it, and a form for your feedback can be found at

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