Getting to know Dwan Adams – Lead Sustainability & Community Engagement Officer! The fifth installment of our Back to Basics series, introducing our team, mission and work to our audience

I’m writing to share with you the fourth installment of Bike Easy’s: Back to Basics Series – Advocacy & Sustainability

My name is Dwan Adams, and I’m excited to be working with one of the most innovative organizations in the city! As a bike enthusiast and divergent cultural strategist, I found the ultimate opportunity in supporting Bike Easy’s mission as the Lead Sustainability & Community Engagement Officer.

I am super excited to work closely with all of our stakeholders, connecting three critical goals for sustainability & development: Strategy, Capacity, and Innovation.

My introduction to Bike Easy was meant to be! While riding my bike for mental sanity, dealing with the loss of a job, pandemic fatigue, and an alarming swell of social injustice; I recognized it was time to listen to my compass and started a consulting company. I believe civic engagement and advocacy channels are avenues to bring community voices and policy together; through education and practicing respect for one’s culture. ​​Almost a year later, I discovered Bike Easy while applying to the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition mini-grant and the rest is history! On February 4, 2022, I’ll be celebrating my first anniversary with the team and our Bike Easy community.

Promoting Complete Streets initiatives while preserving my heritage and incorporating culturally inclusive planning in New Orleans at such a critical time is all about purpose. I love going from canvassing to facilitating community meetings with fellow activists, designing activations, hosting ideation sessions with Complete Streets Coalition mini grant recipients, and more!

In my role, “Back to Basics” means identifying innovative collaborations to increase awareness, curating deeper connections with our supporters, strengthening partnerships, and aligning reporting practices to support data-driven decisions, leading us to equitable and relevant programming and practices.

With the opportunity to combine my love for cycling, public policy, and designing intercultural placemaking strategies, I feel charged to continue advocating and developing ethical partnerships to scale, preserve, and honor the rich cultural significance of our city; identifying “neutral grounds” with amazing people worldwide. Thank you for your continued support contributing to keeping our streets safe and alive with culture!

If you’d like to join me in helping to build our capacity and community engagement be sure to check in on hot to “Get Involved” with Bike Easy!

Dwan Adams
Lead Sustainability & Community Engagement Officer
Bike Easy