Bike Easy is excited to see improvements being made to Jefferson Parish roadways and walkways as part of a master plan that aims to incorporate more bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure!


Current infrastructure includes proposed safe bike routes, shared use paths, protected bike lanes, greenways, sharrows, and improved crosswalks at intersections. This is all part of the Envision Jefferson 2040: Jefferson Parish Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive plan includes the adoption and implementation of the 2014 Jefferson Parish Bicycle Master Bike Plan which aims to make the parish more friendly and accessible to people on bikes and foot. The “bicycle master plan is a pro-active and purposeful approach to creating a safer and more convenient place for people to bike. It addresses parish-wide concerns, rather than just neighborhood-specific issues, such as meeting the needs of cyclists in all areas, identifying clear cross-Parish routes, and organizing capital projects by priority.”

Bike Easy recently attended the groundbreaking ceremony on Bonnabel Boulevard, for the start of construction on a new pedestrian path between Metairie Road and the Lakefront. The Bike Easy team also recently braved the heat to try out some of the new bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure as well as scout out areas that are slated for further enhancements.

We are glad to report that we approve of the new lanes and crosswalks, but as with all things related to improved infrastructure for people on bikes and foot there is room for further improvements. Bike Easy continues to further build relationships and open dialogue with local governments such as Jefferson Parish to advocate for additional development of bikeways and walkways.

The following photos capture exciting new changes as well as some of the existent bike and pedestrian infrastructure within Jefferson Parish, our neighbor!


May be art of 1 personArtistic rendering of the future pedestrian path in the neutral ground of Bonnabel Blvd.


May be an image of 11 people and treeGroundbreaking for the New Bonnabel Blvd. pedestrian path


Lakefront Trail, a shared use path in Metairie


Biking along the shared-use 17th Street Canal Trail



Bike lane along Severn Avenue


Protected bike lane along Severn Avenue


Shared-use Lakefront Trail in Metairie