For many New Orleanians, living in a safe, bikeable city is important. 


To Jay— Bike Easy’s Volunteer of the Year Award recipient— this is even more important because he uses biking to move around and explore the city.

 “New Orleans feels more dangerous for biking because there’s a mentality that bikers don’t belong on the road”, Jay says

 This inspired Jay to get involved with Bike Easy through our volunteer program. Each month, Bike Easy offers a variety of remote and limited in-person volunteer opportunities to help at our events and make biking easy, safe, and fun in Greater New Orleans.

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Jay’s favorite memory volunteering before the COVID-19 pandemic was participating in Bike Easy’s Bike Valet program. He enjoyed volunteering for Bike Valet the most because it increased visibility around those who use biking as a mode of transportation. 

“Bike Valet is more than just about parking for bikes. When people walked by and saw safe parking for their bikes, it made us feel like people on bikes are included at public events.”

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The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop Jay’s involvement with Bike Easy.  He decided to volunteer to distribute yard signs for the Complete Streets Campaign — a campaign to build support and awareness for the 75 miles of protected and connected bikeways that the City of New Orleans is building.

As an avid volunteer of Bike Easy, Jay knows volunteering and membership with Bike Easy means easy, safe, and fun biking for everyone in Greater New Orleans.

“To me, Bike Easy’s work legitimizes biking as a form of transportation and reminds people that we’re all neighbors on the road.”

At Bike Easy, our volunteers work with us to create our vision of safe, convenient transportation options for everyone and the freedom to get around easily in the Greater New Orleans area. But volunteering is just one way to continue to leverage your voice in making biking easy, safe, and fun.

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