How to join a team or create a new team!

This year there are two ways for you to help get more people riding bikes:

  • Join or register your workplace to get your co-workers riding. The Bike Easy Challenge is a friendly competition between workplaces to see which can earn the most points for riding and encouraging.
  • Join or register your club or group here. If you ride with a church, cycling club or informal social group, you can link up on Love to Ride to compete as a team. You can join multiple clubs and we’ll also have league tables for these during the Bike Easy Challenge. Find out more here.

We’ll have awesome prizes up for grabs and whether you ride with your workplace, group or both, you can win prizes for riding and encouraging!

See below for step-by-step directions.


Select the side menu and then select Visit full website

Select Join a team

From here you can either select an existing organization or create a new one.


Select My Profile

Select Join a team

If you are joining a team select Choose organization. If you are creating a new team select Register a new organization