Bike Safety Workshops in the Lower 9th Ward.

Last week, Bike Easy teamed up with Caffin Ave. SDA Church in the Lower 9th Ward to offer this year’s first round of Smart Biking classes.
The class, composed of three sessions, included time off and on bikes, and covered topics such as rules of the road, bike handling, group riding, and basic maintenance.

Church Community Service Coordinator Royliene Johnson has worked with other church leaders to launch a free bike lending program for neighbors in the Lower 9th Ward. This past June, the Caffin Ave. “MOB“ (Ministry On Bikes) held their 1st social bicycle ride with the aim of encouraging its community to get active, get healthy and have fun.

Upon completion of the Smart Biking course, participants are eligible to become certified as League Certified Instructors, enabling them to lead their own educational bike safety workshops. Royliene is working towards getting her church members trained so they will be able to do work to promote active transportation and safe biking within their own community.