2023 was a great year for our Community programming at Bike Easy. Seeing and hearing from so many people at our various events, and being able to keep our volunteers engaged with our various efforts, really underscores the importance of staying connected with our community and continuing to offer ways to make biking more of a viable option to people in and around the city. I’m lucky to engage all 4 of our pillars of programming and really get to focus on the community members: from working with ride clubs through our Education programming, engaging volunteers and cleaning up bike lanes on Safety Sundays as part of our Advocacy efforts, staying engaged with members and requests as part of our Capacity building, to all of the Community programs I coordinate; it’s a real honor for me to try to best benefit people in so many different ways to try to improve biking for them. 

As we wrap up this year and look forward to continuing to grow and improve our efforts, we ask that you consider signing up as a member or make a year-end donation to help support our efforts. 


Check out some of the highlights from our community programming below

One of our Matches this year!

The Bike Club at Laurel Academy

Thank you to the many organizations that helped support our Community Programming this year!



Thanks, and as always, let me know if I can help improve biking for you in any way!

David Meza
Community Programs Coordinator