Blue Bikes For All

A joint initiative between Bike Easy, Blue Bikes, and the City of New Orleans to ensure the benefits of bike share are realized for local and low-income residents.

Bringing Bike Share to New Orleans – Our History

Bike Easy worked to ensure the city would adopt a responsible practice in brining Bike Share to New Orleans. We helped facilitate an open bid for potential companies to the city. In addition, we hosted many public meetings and did outreach to local residents and businesses to inform them of incoming hubs. Social Bicycles ultimately won the bid and was awarded an exclusive contract with the City of New Orleans. After receiving sponsorship from Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the bike share program has been branded “Blue Bikes”. Bike Easy continues to work with Blue Bikes to help improve bicycling in the city through our outreach, advocacy, and education efforts. One of our primary focuses is to ensure Blue Bikes is an equitable option and proves valuable for residents in need of affordable and reliable transportation.

Blue Bikes for All

Bike Easy has received a “Better Bike Share Partnership” grant to promote equity and awareness of our New Orleans’ first-ever bike share program. The Better Bike Share Partnership focuses on engaging underserved communities through bike share and transportation. Bike Easy is dedicated to advancing equity through transportation (detailed in our Complete Streets for Health Equity Report) and know that Blue Bikes, and their low-income subscription plan, can be a great tool in pursuing that equity.

In partnership with Blue Bikes, we have launched initiatives focused on promoting the benefits of Blue Bikes as an everyday transportation option for local residents. Our programs will focus on: staying safe while biking, how to use Blue bikes, and affordability for low-income residents via a $20 yearly membership.

Community Rides:

Bike Easy and Blue Bikes are partnering with community groups and organizations to offer community rides. These efforts will be focused in areas where transportation options are most needed. Geared towards low or moderate-income residents and underrepresented groups, we will focus on promoting Blue Bikes as a new, affordable, accessible transportation option.

These rides:

  • Provide participants with a free ride with their coworkers, friends, and neighbors
  • Provide participants with a free month long membership to Blue Bikes
  • Provide safety information to all riders
  • Are lead and monitored by Bike Easy / Blue Bikes personnel
  • Highlight transportation usefulness of Blue Bikes
  • Answer all questions from participants

Interested in signing up your organization or joining a community ride?
Contact David Meza at: or 504.861.4022

Blue Bikes to Work:

Beginning in July 2018, Bike Easy will begin conducting workshops focused on promoting bike share as an affordable and accessible transportation option specifically for hospitality (and other low-wage) workers in downtown New Orleans, specifically the Central Business District and French Quarter. Working with local businesses and organizations to host nearby or on-site workshops designed specifically for their workers. Programming will focus on effectively introducing low-wage workers in the hospitality industry to bike share and its benefits while also providing members of the workforce specific Blue Bike how-to’s, safety advice, and reduced fare pass registration opportunities.

Through this initiative we will:

  • Provide detailed information on the Blue Bikes model
  • Provide free monthly passes for participants
  • Explain the low-income pass offered by Blue Bikes
  • Provide safe riding techniques and tips specific to the workplace
  • Detail ways Blue Bikes are a unique and practical transportation option
  • Provide information to avoid “surprise” fees

Interested in hosting a workshop or attending an open workshop?
Contact David Meza at: or call 504.861.4022

While You’re Makin’ Groceries

In order to reach everyone who might benefit from Blue Bikes as an affordable, accessible transportation option we will be promoting the $20 yearly membership for enrollees in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka SNAP and ‘Louisiana Purchase’). One direct way to connect with SNAP enrollees is to at the grocery store and in the check-out line. With our partners at Blue Bikes and Blue Cross/Blue Shield we are reaching out to local and national grocery store chains here in New Orleans to promote to low-income residents of this amazing new, affordable transportation option available to them, for $20 a year.

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