Bike to Work Day

Celebrating all people who ride their bikes to work

Bike to Work Day marks our annual region-wide event to encourage new riders to bicycle commuting, support seasoned commuters and celebrate riding your bike to work. Bike to Work Day builds community among bicycle commuters and Bike Easy members, raises awareness around the city for people who bike for transportation, and also makes a strong statement of support for continued social and physical investment in better bicycle facilities in our city.

Riding with a cadre of other people on bikes is a fun and social way to get to work! Every year Bike to Work Day kicks off with morning bike trains leaving from various locations in New Orleans. Bike trains serve many benefits for new bike commuters and ‘old pros’ alike. The meet ups allow riders to share preferred routes, provide extra support for new riders who might be intimidated to bike alone, and also increases visibility for all people who ride bikes. The group dynamic is perfect for folks who want to commute by bike but either don’t ride often or at all.

Join us for Bike to Work Day!

Contact Virginia for more commuting tips, riding advice, or more information about Bike to Work Day.

Bike Easy Commuter Tips

  • Always plan your route
  • Check the weather report to anticipate what to expect during commuting hours
  • Pump tires daily, make sure brakes are working and chain is well lubed (ABC Check!)
  • Leave a change of clothes at work
  • Pack your bag the night before work so you’re ready to roll in the morning
  • Ride in straight lines, in right lane following direction of traffic
  • Signal when changing lanes or making a turn (always look for traffic before making a move!)

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