2022 was a challenging year for our Advocacy efforts, but we were able to turn some challenging times; into opportunities to engage and empower folks to be more civically active!  Please consider supporting our work by donating to Bike Easy by December 31st!

Here are some of our Advocacy Programming Highlights of 2022:

Lobby Day in Washington D.C.

This year we were able to attend the League of American Bicyclist’s Bike Summit in person to learn how to improve our work, and also to advocate for the support of programs still lacking funding under the new Infrastructure Bill.   We met with the Staff of Senators Kennedy & Cassidy, and with the Staff of Congressman Carter.

Louisiana Bootlace Trail Network

We continued our work to get the Louisiana Bootlace Trail Network closer to becoming a reality, by holding a virtual Stakeholder Meeting which included speakers from the City of New Orleans Public Works, UNO Transportation, Regional Planning commission, Capital Region Planning Commission, Lacombe Heritage Center and Rails to Trails.  Learn more about it here.

We also participated in the in-person stakeholder meeting hosted by the American Planning Association, which included identifying points of interest, and possible routes to connect places in the Northshore.  To learn more, contact Allene La Spina at

Canvassing and Advocating for the expansion of the Bike Network

This year we continued to partner with Moving New Orleans Bikes to canvas Gentilly and Central City, as they continued the work on Gentilly Blvd and MLK.  While the expansion of the bike network has slowed down significantly, this outreach to locals is vital to the expansion of the network.
We also held a couple presentations at City Council highlighting the importance of a protected network for everyone in Greater New Orleans, and even when not achieving the results we hoped for, we were glad to see so many folks showing up to support safer streets.  We will continue to advocate for the expansion of the network, which without a doubt will help save lives in the future. Help us continue this work by donating today.

Policy & Design Committee

This year, our Policy & Design Committee – a group of advocates, Bike Easy Board Members and Staff, worked hard on finding ways to engage the community and hear their concerns about the current state of our bike lanes.  The work included the beginning of our Safety Sunday Bike Lane Cleanup Campaign, and also the creation of a form to report issues in the bike lanes, and urge the City to better maintain the current network.

And so much more!

  • We worked closely with the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition to finalize their Strategic Plan for the next 3 years with a new Vision: No matter how you get around, New Orleans streets are safe, sustainable, and accessible for all.
  • We partnered with AARP to create a new neighborhood tour video featuring Central City
  • We facilitated the second Ride for Our Lives Rally, aimed to bring the Bike Community together, and share resources with each other.


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  • 2023 – BIKE EASY TURNS 20!!!! We have a lot of really great events for you to come and participate in, and help us celebrate all year long!
  • Sunday, January 15 – Safety Sunday Bike Lane Cleanup on Gentilly Blvd under 610.  Click here for more information.
  • Thursday, January 19 – Commuter Workshop and Mardi Gras Bike Prep at Scale New Orleans – Stay tuned for more details!
  • Saturday, February 4 – We’re bringing Tour de Bean back in Partnership with the Krewe of Red Beans – Stay tuned for more details!

In Service!

Allene La Spina
Executive Director