The momentum for bringing the benefits of Complete Streets and good bike infrastructure to all New Orleanians continues to build! 

Last week, the Mayor’s Office of Transportation, Department of Public Works, and Neighborhood Engagement Office conducted two public pre-construction meetings to once again check in with the public on the Moving New Orleans Bikes initiative and share information on improvements coming to CBD, 7th Ward, Gentilly, and more. 

Such exciting improvements are coming! Protected bike lane “couplets” on Miro & Galvez and Baronne & O’Keefe/Roosevelt Way, big safety improvements on Gentilly Blvd and Howard Ave, and much more!

It was also great to see so many people taking part in the process this week – over 140 people! The City’s progress on rapidly expanding the low-stress bikeway network is made possible through their impressive engagement and collaboration with the community. Bike Easy has long advocated for that type of engagement. We’ve learned that incorporating diverse perspectives and on-the-ground knowledge into the projects ensures the benefits of Complete Streets are maximized for everyone. 

Along with exciting highlights of protected bike lane designs (Baronne Street, y’all!), it was really fantastic to see City staff so clearly enunciate what they heard from the public after prior design meetings and how they incorporated the feedback – or explain why they didn’t/couldn’t. If you couldn’t make the meetings, you can still check it all out:

It’s not too late to weigh in! Please take a moment today to send a note of thanks and support to and sign the New Orleans Complete Streets’ petition supporting the Central Business District improvements. Lots of people at City Hall have worked very hard on creating these innovative solutions, and even if it’s not exactly 100% what you would have done, we think it’s important to show gratitude. 

These projects are going to improve safety, job access, sustainability, and quality-of-life for everyone who bikes, walks, drives, or takes transit!

While these designs are now finalized, there may be some specific issues or challenges that need to be addressed. Are you a business owner or manager who wants to ensure these designs work with your operations? Someone who regularly drives past a certain tricky spot where visibility is limited? A bike commuter who knows that a particular detail on your route was overlooked? Make sure to send in the details to and be part of helping improve our streets for everyone.

Everyone at Bike Easy is very excited to experience these great new Complete Streets!