It’s the final countdown.


There’s just a bit less than 24 hours left in this year’s Bike Easy April Challenge, powered by Entergy. We’ve had a great time handing out District Donuts coffee to bike commuters, grabbing Friday drinks at the Pythian Market with our biking community, and celebrating #BikeToWork Day with City officials.

But, all great things must come to an end, and every challenge has a winner. The question is, how are you spending the last day of the Bike Easy April Challenge?

Let us know by logging your rides, encouraging your friends and family to ride, and sharing your bike adventures on LoveToRide.

If you need some inspiration, check out these stories from a few Bike Easy April Challenge participants.

Andrew, Bokah Bikes’ Champion

The Bike Easy April challenge is something we look forward to every year. Not only does my team and I enjoy riding our bikes everyday, whether it be for leisure or commuting for work, but we also enjoy a little competition with other local workplaces that also enjoy riding.

I’m also an urban planning student at UNO and my main area of interest is transportation and land-use, specially bicycle transportation infrastructure. The April Challenge is a great time to see the bicycle infrastructure in New Orleans at work and to be able to see where our streets still need help and the potential New Orleans has to become one of the best cities to bike in. Our city is becoming a safer and more connected place to bike every year. 

I enjoy every ride I make and love to see the roads filled with cyclists that I like to imagine are all participating in the Bike Easy Challenge.

Laura Harris, Bike Easy’s Education Coordinator

For this year’s Bike Easy April Challenge, I rode my bike around all of Lake Pontchartrain! It took me 3 days and it was a beautiful ride. I love taking the time to explore the entire Greater New Orleans region by bike, and the Bike Easy April Challenge was a great motivation to do just that.


Yarvelle Draper King

Check out this new rider! I love riding with my 21-month old granddaughter for the Bike Easy April Challenge.





There’s only ONE DAY LEFT of this year’s Bike Easy April Challenge! Click here to log your rides and share your biking adventures with the New Orleans biking community today!