Let me tell you how we’re going to celebrate Mardi Gras this year.

We’re going to get on our bikes and ride around town! Okay, so it’s not that different from how we enjoy most days, but there’s just that special Mardi Gras feeling. I want to make sure you safely experience that feeling on your bike this season.

While Mardi Gras looks different this year, bike safety doesn’t. That’s why we’re offering two free, virtual workshops before Mardi Gras day: Learn to Ride on Thursday February 4th at 6pm, and Biking After Dark on Tuesday February 9th at 12pm. Click here to register for either or both!

Learn to Ride is a free class geared to adults and mature teens who are ready to ride. Students will learn techniques to teach themselves or someone else how to balance, pedal, start, stop, and steer a bike, as well as adjust a helmet for proper fit.

If you’re new to riding, haven’t ridden in a while, or have someone in your life that you’d like to teach how to ride, then click here to RSVP for our virtual Learn to Ride workshop on Thursday February 4th at 6pm.

Biking after dark can be fun, but it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you always have the right equipment to be visible every time you get on your bike. At this free class you’ll learn how to:

  • See and be seen in all conditions
  • Meet and exceed the legal requirements for lights and reflectors
  • Choose the right lights for the type of biking you’ll be doing
  • Light up yourself and your bike with highly visible accessories

Especially if you plan on staying out late this Mardi Gras season, this is the class for you. Click here to RSVP for Biking After Dark on Tuesday February 9th at 12pm.

Happy Mardi Gras season!