A year and a half later, bikeshare is back in New Orleans!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of standing with Mayor Cantrell and leaders from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Greater New Orleans Foundation, and Blue Krewe to formally announce the return of Blue Bikes to New Orleans.

I’m proud of all that Bike Easy has done to bring bikeshare to New Orleans. From spearheading a bikeshare demonstration at the 2013 Super Bowl, to developing the Blue Bikes for All program, and, most recently, ushering in this newest iteration of Blue Bikes, we worked hard for this victory.

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From left to right: Andy Kopplin, Greater New Orleans Foundation; Destinie Hammond, Blue Krewe; Mayor Cantrell; Dr. Steven Udvarhelyi, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana; me

Bike Easy has long advocated for bikeshare in New Orleans because it’s a healthy, equitable transportation option that brings big benefits to everyone who lives in or visits our city. So when our city suddenly lost its bikeshare at the start of the pandemic, we stepped in to ensure its return.

As Bike Easy’s Executive Director, it was my role to help navigate the tumultuous last year and half for bikeshare. After the out-of-state corporate operator of the former system pulled out in spring of 2020, I worked hard to attempt to salvage those bikes, and when that effort was denied, I gladly joined the local collective that has successfully brought Blue Bikes back with a local, non-profit governance model. 

That effort was made possible through the support of Bike Easy Members that provide the financial and political support we need to work hard everyday for positive outcomes like the return of Blue Bikes. I was able to spend time in conversation with many different stakeholders, strategy meetings with partners, and now board meetings of the non-profit that is operating Blue Bikes because of Membership support.

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Please note: Bike Easy Membership is not associated with Blue Bikes passes or plans and does not provide access to Blue Bikes. (For more information on riding the Blue Bikes, visit

The return of Blue Bikes coincides with the rapid expansion of the New Orleans low-stress bikeway network, making riding a bike more accessible for people going to work, headed to the grocery store, visiting friends and family in the neighborhood, or getting to the park with their kids. 

Good bike infrastructure, bikeshare, and more people riding bikes is good for everyone in New Orleans – even if you never ride a bike. And of course, Blue Bikes and the new bikeway network make biking more accessible to those who are interested.

We can’t wait to see people rolling in the new protected bike lanes with Blue Bikes!

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