Respect Road Rules

When you hit the streets, whether on your bike or in your car, it’s important to follow the law

Safety Videos for People Who Drive and People Who Bike

Check out great videos shot right here in New Orleans from the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission on this Bike Right, Drive Right – Safety For All blog post.

Pay Attention. Show Respect. Be Patient.

Whether you are driving, biking, or walking, the basics of road safety are the same – pay attention to what you’re doing, show respect to other people on the roads, and be patient. Everyone deserves to get where they’re going safely and easily, regardless of the mode of transportation.

People on Bikes, Ride Right. It’s The Law.

Bike are vehicles. Bicycles on the roadway have all the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles. (Louisiana Revised Statutes 32:194)

  • People on bikes must obey traffic signals (R.S. 32:232) and come to a complete stop at stop signs. (R.S. 32:123)
  • Always ride in the direction of traffic as far to the right as practicable and safe. Avoid riding in the “door zone” too close to parked in order to avoid getting hit by an open door. Bicyclists can occupy an entire lane when necessary.(R.S. 32:197)
  • Be bright. People on bikes must use a white front bike light and rear red reflector (R.S. 32:329.1), and Bike Easy recommends a rear red flashing light.
  • Be predictable. Use hand signals when turning and stopping. (R.S. 32:105)
  • Ride on the road. Unless you are under the age of 15, let people walking rule the sidewalks – we ask them to keep the bikes lanes clear for people on bikes! (New Orleans Section 154-1416)

People in Cars, Drive Right. It’s The Law.

  • Follow speed limits! High speeds are the biggest danger for vulnerable roadway users like people walking, biking, or using wheelchairs.
  • Obey basic traffic laws like stopping at stop signs and lights, and use your turn signals.
  • Keep bike lanes clear. Entering a dedicated bike lane is only permissible when preparing to turn at an intersection, entering or leaving a driveway, or entering or leaving a street parking space. Any time you enter a bike lane, yield to people on bikes in the lane (R.S. 32:203).
  • Pass safely. When passing someone riding their bike, use care and provide at least 3 feet. (R.S. 32:76.1)
  • Be aware. Check for people approaching on bikes before opening your car door. (R.S. 32:283)
  • Be respectful. Don’t harass people on bikes by yelling or honking. (R.S. 32:201)
  • Pay attention. Don’t text and drive!
  • Stop for pedestrians in crosswalks: Drivers must stop for people walking in marked and unmarked crosswalks. (R.S. 32:212(A))
  • All intersections are crosswalks. Crosswalks exist at all intersections, even if they are not marked. (R.S. 32.1(13))
  • Keep the crosswalk clear. Don’t block the crosswalk when you stop for a red light or stop sign. (R.S.
  • Don’t pass other cars stopped at a crosswalk. Drivers are prohibited from passing vehicles stopped at a crosswalk. (R.S. 32:212©)
  • People walking have right-of-way on sidewalks. Stop for people walking on the sidewalk when entering alleys and driveways. (R.S. 32:219)

People on Foot, Walk Right. It’s The Law.

  • Cross at intersections and crosswalks. Crossing at crosswalks makes you more visible and drivers must stop for you. (R.S. 32:212(A))
  • All intersections are crosswalks. Crosswalks exist at all intersections, even if they are not marked. (R.S. 32.1(13))
  • Use caution before entering the crosswalk. Don’t begin crossing if a car is too close to safely stop. (R.S. 32-212(B))
  • Follow traffic signals. People walking must obey pedestrian signals or traffic signals. (R.S. 32:233, R.S. 32:232)
  • Yield to vehicles when not at a crosswalk. If you’re crossing at a location other than a marked or unmarked crosswalk, yield to vehicles. (R.S. 32:213)

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