Know the Bicycle Advocacy Landscape

Explore the data and reports that inform our views of bicycling in the New Orleans area.

State of Bicycling in Greater New Orleans

New Orleans Pedestrian and Bicycle Count Report 2015
Each year, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Resource Initiative looks at trends in active transportation by counting bicyclists and pedestrians at various locations throughout the city and comparing the data to previous years. This data shows us the increasing prevalence of active transportation, demographics trends, and the effects of bike specific infrastructure on ridership.

New Orleans Regional Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Report 2011-2012
An overview of pedestrian and bicycle crash statistics in the New Orleans Metropolitan area from 2011-2012, the most recent year for which data is available. This report identifies problem areas and corridors, and analyzes data to show which demographics are disproportionately affected.

Alliance for Biking and Walking – Benchmarking Report 2016
The Alliance for Biking and Walking’s Benchmarking reports, released every two years, show a comprehensive snapshot of active transportation in the United States and the 50 most populous cities, including New Orleans. The first half of the latest report serves as a guide for advocates wanting to learn how to “make your case” for various issues related to biking and walking. The second half analyzes data on the city, state, and national level.

Bicycle Friendly Community – New Orleans Report Card 2014
Bicycle Friendly State – Louisiana Report Card 2017
The League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly America program gives bicycle friendly ratings to states, communities, businesses and universities. Louisiana’s state report card ranks us at #29. New Orleans was upgraded from bronze level to silver in 2014, and our report card shows what steps we need to take to get from silver level to gold.

People for Bikes Statistics Library – Bicycle Facilities
A compilation of statistics on various types of bicycle specific infrastructure, and the positive impacts they have on safety, ridership and promoting healthy communities.

Additional bicycle advocacy resources for a more in-depth look:
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New Orleans Regional Planning Commission – Ped/Bike Program
New Orleans Department of Public Works on Bicycling
UNO Transportation Institute – Bike and Pedestrian Publications
Pedestrian and Bicycle Resource Initiative
People for Bikes Statistics Library
League of American Bicyclists
Alliance for Biking and Walking

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