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Expressing your views directly to your elected officials is the most impactful way to ensure they work to make bicycling easy, safe, and fun for everyone. They work for you, and they need to hear from you! Reaching out to your elected officials is easy, and you can do it by email or phone.

There are many ways our local municipalities, parishes, and the state of Louisiana can support better biking – from building a connected network of protected bike lanes and more roadway safety education to stronger enforcement of laws designed to keep people biking safe and more bicycling encouragement activities. Telling your personal story and expressing your own interests is most effective, and it’s even more powerful when you are part of larger movement. To maximize the impact by creating a collective voice, Bike Easy suggests using variations on the following talking points:

  • More people riding bicycles brings major benefits to our region, even for those who never ride. Bicycling improves public health, social equity, job access & economic development, and quality-of-life while reducing traffic congestion and parking demand. Please do everything in your power to make it easy, safe, and fun for everyone to ride!
  • Everyone deserves to get where they are going safely, no matter how they choose to travel, who they are, or where they live. Please make sure people biking and walking can move around our region safely!
  • Good bicycle infrastructure solves the mobility challenges everyone on the roadway faces by making things clear and ensuring that people biking and driving alike are not faced with confusing and unsafe situations. Please invest in building a connected network of protected bikeways that enable people of all ages and abilities to ride safely and easily!

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