Become a Better Bike Share Partner

Help promote equity through bike share!

Bike Easy is dedicated to ensuring Blue Bikes, the local bike share system, works as an equitable transportation solution for residents that need it most. Through our grant work with the Better Bike Share Partnership, we work to provide community rides, outreach, and free Blue Bike passes to organizations and individuals that are most in need of affordable and accessible transportation options.

We’re looking for workers in the service or hospitality industry in the Central Business District or French Quarter, individuals who use the reduced fare program, people involved in community groups in the 7th ward and Central city, or people with close ties to those groups. Our program is focused on providing safe and affordable transportation to those target groups. Partners will help us spread the word of Blue Bike’s usefulness while earning cash and ride credits for their efforts. Flexible hours around your schedule!

Partners are:

  • Outgoing individuals.
  • Bike Share enthusiasts.
  • Willing to share their experience with bike share. (on their own social media or through assistance with Bike Easy Staff)
  • Active community members.
  • Passionate about improving transportation needs to underserved communities
  • Workers in service or hospitality, community group members in the 7th Ward or Central City, and/or low-income residents.

Partners will:

  • Have periodic check-ins and training with Bike Easy and Blue Bike representatives.
  • Provide their own testimony around the usefulness of Bike Share.
  • Work with Bike Easy personnel for a video portrait and photo shoot riding Blue Bikes.
  • Collect testimonies from other Blue Bike users.
  • Promote Bike Share and the reduced fare program through Social Media.
  • Share their unique referral code to new riders.
  • Develop contacts with community groups in the 7th Ward and Central City to participate in group rides.
  • Set up workshops to be given to service and hospitality workers in the CBD and French Quarter.

Bike Easy provides:

  • Training and support.
  • Staff to lead workshops and group rides.
  • Blue Bike credits.
  • A unique Blue Bike referral code to earn additional credits.
  • Stipends for workshops, community rides, or testimonials gathered as a result of the Partners efforts.

To apply for the position, email David with your connection to the target audiences, your experience with Blue Bikes, how you feel about biking in the city, and anything else you’d like to share relevant to the program. Or fill out a Blue Bikes Testimonial sheet to get the process started!

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