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What you can do to get our streets in gear.

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Our work benefits the entire community, but we can’t do it without you!

Contact Your Elected Officials

Expressing your views directly to your elected officials is the most impactful way to ensure they work to make bicycling easy, safe, and fun for everyone. They need to hear from you!

Respect Road Rules

All people deserve to get where they’re going safely and easily, regardless of how they travel. Following the rules of the road is crucial to protecting people who bike.

Know How to Talk About Bike Infrastructure

As we work together to build the social and physical environments needed for safe bicycling, Bike Easy has tips for you on how to talk about the benefits of bike infrastructure, especially when discussing with people who never ride bikes

Know the Bicycle Advocacy Landscape

Understanding the full picture of bicycling is important to effectively advocating for improvements. Explore the data and reports that inform our views of bicycling in the New Orleans area.

Become a Bike Easy Instructor

As part of our efforts to facilitate community education forums, Bike Easy holds Bicycle Safety Workshops in schools, neighborhood centers, and businesses throughout the region. We are seeking those who are passionate and knowledgeable about bicycling or those willing to learn to become a Bike Easy Instructor!

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Join Bike Easy as a Member to provide the political and financial support the organization needs to effectively make bicycling fun, safe, and easy for everyone in Greater New Orleans.

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Spend some spare time with Bike Easy


Spend a little time with Bike Easy and enjoy the impact you’ll have on improving bicycling in Greater New Orleans

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Show your organization’s support for the community and engage with more people by becoming a Bike Easy Business Member

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