Bike Easy Certified

Bike Easy Certified is a way to highlight organizations that work to improve biking throughout Greater New Orleans!

What is Bike Easy Certified?

Bike Easy Certification is given to organizations in Louisiana which actively work to promote the bicycling community and Bike Easy’s mission. The logo lets you know that you’re supporting an organization that continues to promote you!

Each Bike Easy Certified organization has taken steps to improve: the biking landscape, education for and around bicycling, and advocacy for complete streets. In addition, you can trust each one of these organizations to have the most up to date information on Bike Easy’s campaigns and upcoming events.

Check out these Bike Easy Certified organizations!

Click on the links to see details about each org and how they promote biking.

AECOM, New Orleans
Bacchanal Fine Wine and Spirits
Bicycle World of Louisiana*
Bike Law Louisiana
Flambeaux Tours*
Healing Nature Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine*
New Orleans Public Library
Redmellon Restoration and Development
RUBARB Community Bike Shop
Youth Empowerment Project

*Bike Easy member discount offered

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