Donate a bike or get a bike

#BikeMatchNOLA is a way to connect people in need of a bicycle during the COVID-19 pandemic with bikes donated by other individuals.

Do you have a bike that you’d like to donate during this current crisis? Are you in need of a bike as an essential worker or just down on your luck due to COVID-19?

If you’re in need of a bike or would like to donate, visit our #BikeMatch webpage

Bike Easy Staff and volunteers will review all submitted requests and make matches based on: proximity, bike fit, and need. Matched parties will receive an email from Bike Easy, prompting them to arrange the exchange.

Guidelines for participating

1. If you feel sick, have a fever or cough, refrain from participating in #BikeMatchNOLA
2. For donations: Ensure the bike is in working order, pump up the tires, check the brakes, and make sure the chain runs smoothly while pedaling. Sanatize the bike thoroughly before donation, especially the handlebars, shifters, brakes, and seat.
3. Once you are matched, we ask that you arrange the pick-up in an outdoor public area while maintaining at least 6 foot distance.

Sizing the bike you are donating

To get the most out of your donation it’s important that we have the correct fit for your bike. To be a viable form of transportation the bike must fit the rider correctly to avoid discomfort and reduce risk of injury.

To quickly measure your frame, measure the frame from where the seat post enters to the center of the bottom bracket (Where the crank connects to the frame) For more guidance and a quick video check out: Bike Haven: Bike Size Tips

Visit our #BikeMatch webpage to donate or request a bike today!

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