Teen Multi Modal Training


This class will focus on multi-modal road safety, giving students the resources and information that they need to try active transportation.

Recognizing that the most effective way to develop courteous drivers is to put students on bikes, the class will include extensive bike riding and discussions about safe road behavior for all users.

Optional: Part of this class will include an earn-a-bike component, and all students will leave with a bike, helmet, lights, and lock


Class Duration: 6 hours (can be divided into multiple shorter sessions)

Class Location: Classroom, blacktop, basketball court or parking lot, and street

Class Size: 20 students max.

Instructors: 2

Equipment: Education materials, bicycles & helmets

Availability of loaner bikes: Students should use their own bikes for this class. If not possible, please contact us to make other arrangements.

Registration Policy: Contact Bike Easy to set up a session at laura@bikeeasy.org

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