Bike Clubs


Our After School Club Bike Clubs are presented in three “Big Ideas” – Ride a Bike; Explore your Neighborhood; and Explore by Bike.

The three sections represent systems: the bike as a system, the neighborhood as a system, and transportation in the city as a system. Each of these systems intersects and can be contingent upon each other in this framework. For example, having a safe and functional bike allows a person to ride to another part of town for social, business, or personal reasons, which is more likely if there are safe continuous routes throughout neighborhoods. 

Throughout the fifteen sessions, students will practice riding and safety skills on bike, learn map-reading skills and think critically about how they get around in New Orleans. Lessons will be investigative and hands on about transportation choices, benefits of outdoor activities, and bicycle and pedestrian safety. Lessons will promote the health, environmental, and social benefits of alternative transportation choices. This is meant to be both educational and fun, to encourage a love of the outdoors and a passion for biking and walking. Each Walk & Roll After School club will teach 15 young people the essential skills they need to walk and bike safely in their neighborhoods or to and from school.


Class Duration: 15 one and half hour sessions

Class Location: Classroom, blacktop, parking lot, basketball court or gym and street

Class Size: 15 students

Instructors: 1-2

Equipment: Education materials, slides, bikes, helmets, cones, chalk, traffic signs

Availability of loaner bikes: Fleet of 15 youth bikes and helmets available upon request and pending fleet availability  

Registration Policy: For more info or to set up a club, contact

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