Smart Biking



Smart Biking is a free course designed to help anyone feel comfortable safely riding a bike in traffic.

The class is structured into one-two classroom sessions and one road riding session. Upon completion of all sessions, participants will receive a Smart Cycling certificate and free set of bike lights.

Topics covered include: Choosing a bike, adjusting the bike, maintenance, clothing/gear, rules of the road, handling basics, shifting gears, where to ride, infrastructure, crashes and hazards, night riding, rural riding, drive train maintenance, riding with a group, sharing paths and trails, inclement weather, night riding, rural riding, and fixing a flat tire.

Graduates will be eligible to join our team of bike safety education volunteers, as well as become eligible to go on to take the LCI seminar to be able to work for Bike Easy as a League Certified Instructor.



Class Duration: 9 hours completed over two-three sessions

Class Location: Online or classroom, parking lot and street

Class Size: Max 25 students

Instructors: 2

Equipment: Educational materials, bikes, helmets, cones

Availability of loaner bikes: Contact Bike Easy if you are not able to provide your own bike or helmet

Registration Policy: For more info or to set up a class, contact

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