Bike Safety and Maintenance Workshop


This workshop will focus on the basics of bike maintenance, and participants will leave with an expanded knowledge of how to diagnose problems on their bikes. Topics will include a basic bike safety check and how to fix a flat tire.
We’ll also have short discussion of commuting basics, safe riding tips and being a vehicle on the road. Instructors will be happy to answer questions about bike fit, equipment, and rules of the road.
It is recommended that participants bring their own bikes for the workshop.
Bike tube repair kits will be provided for in-person classes.


Class Duration: 1-2 hours

Class Location: Classroom, fix-it station or online

Class Size: 5-25

Instructors: 2

Equipment: Bikes, pump, wrenches, tire levers, patch kits

Registration Policy: For more info or to set up a workshop, contact

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