LifeCity’s mission is to build an economy that works for Good, city by city. Working for good means that the results of business and other organizational activities improve our environment, support greater equity, and empower people and organizations in becoming their best selves. As an impact management firm, they can help you define, measure, validate, and market your impact in a world that is increasingly concerned with transparency and accountability.

In today’s age, consumers and talent demand transparency and intention. LifeCity enables organizations to capture these valuable markets by helping them assess, measure and market all types of impact across local, regional and international standards. Their consulting team and software tools make impact simple, credible and inspiring.

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Join their “Love Your City” platform to demonstrate your impact on the New Orleans Community:


  • For staff and visitors, bike racks are available at Propeller Incubator
  • Their platform and “transportation badge” encourages local businesses to improve and promote biking for local organizations
  • Participates in The Bike Easy Challenge


  • Bike Easy materials are made available to employees
  • Promotes Bike Easy’s programming and events through their network


  • Signed on in support of New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition
  • Their Regional Sustainability Committee works to improve transporation access throughout the region


  • LifeCity supports Bike Easy by offering use of their Love Your City platform to help measure our impact on the community
  • LifeCity has placed Bike Easy representatives on the Regional Sustainability Committee

The Regional Sustainability Committee answering the question “What are we going to build in the new economy post COVID-19?”