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Bike Law Louisiana has been one of the greatest champions to bicycling in and around New Orleans. They constantly lobby lawmakers to improve laws and fight for cyclists’ rights. They have a passion for assisting anyone that has been injured on a bicyclist due to: unsafe road conditions, motorists, or defective cycling products.

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If you have been injured in a Louisiana bike accident, by a defective bicycle product, or because of an unsafe road condition and would like to discuss your case with a Louisiana bicycle accident attorney who is also an avid cyclist, Charlie Thomas welcomes your call for a free consultation. (504) 274-2500


  • Bike parking is available outside of their office.
  • Bike Law Louisiana has sponsored a “Where Ya Rack” bicycle rack available to the public.
  • Sponsor of The Bike Easy Challenge.
  • Tables at community events including: Bike to Work Day.


  • Bike Easy safety materials are made available on their website.
  • Charlie Thomas has completed training to become a League Certified Instructor through the League of American Bicyclists.
  • Provides Legal Clinics to the public and organizations.


  • Charlie Thomas heads Bike Easy’s Policy and Design Committee.
  • Huber, Slack & Thomas & Marcelle and Bike Law Louisiana have both signed on in support of the New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition.
  • Regularly lobby for better laws pertaining to bicyclists throughout the region.


  • Sponsor of the Bicycle Second Line, Bike Easy Challenge, and other efforts throughout the year.


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