Randy Legeai

Randy is a native New Orleanian born the same year Watson and Crick wrote, “It has not escaped our notice that the specific pairing we have postulated immediately suggests a possible copying mechanism for the genetic material.” Yeah, he’s that old. In his senior year at Jesuit High School where he was as much swimmer as student, he and his brother chipped in to buy a 5-speed Schwinn “racing bike” that weighed approximately as much as a cast iron bathtub. He next acquired a slightly lighter Atala racing bike, got his first racing license, joined the local club, and never looked back.

Randy graduated from Tulane with a BS in Biology and then from UNO with a MS in Biological Sciences. When not on the bike, Randy serves as Director of Institutional Program Development at Tulane University in the Office of Government and Community Relations. He has been a member of the New Orleans Bicycle Club since the Nixon administration, and race director for numerous events, including the Tour de Louisiane stage race since around 1975. He has been the staff advisor for the Tulane University Cycling Association since its inception. Randy was instrumental in establishing the Louisiana Bicycle Racing Association, which then became the Louisiana-Mississippi Bicycle Racing Association, for which he has served in various roles over the past couple of decades, currently as treasurer. He has a Category 2 road racing license and is a licensed race official with USA Cycling. Randy remains very active in the local and regional competitive cycling community where he enjoys racing, telling mostly true stories about local bike racing history, and nurturing new riders while trying to keep from getting dropped. He rides ten to thirteen thousand miles each year honing his wheelsucking skills behind riders younger than his underwear in an effort to keep from getting too fat.