Dwan Adams, Lead Sustainability and Community Engagement Officer

The Divergent Cultural Strategist, cyclist, and sustainability fanatic! Dwan builds and supports brands across industries, focused on increasing the quality of life for communities around the globe creating impact to ignite change. 

She has been working in sustainable community empowerment, global economic development, and capacity building for over 20+ years. Dwan believes, that working and living in culturally rich communities require building a deep connection to people. Following her former career focus on international development, Dwan is excited to return home to work with strong teams focused on building and supporting ethical sharing of culture, historic equity, and strategic ecosystems rooted in collaborative models and socially responsible platforms. Dwan supports Bike Easy through sustainable brand partnerships, business management,  and strategic planning support for New Orleans Complete Streets Coalition. 

Her most recent connection to New Orleans can be experienced through her brands and a homage to home, NTRL | Ground, a boutique cultural strategy company.