Blake Owens

Blake Owens is a Houston native who was raised in New Orleans. He went to St. Augustine High School and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Xavier University in 2006. He is a locally well known hip hop artist (ogBlakeOwens) that you can catch performing with his live band at various venues around the city when he isn’t on a bike.

He is the co-owner and co-creator of @getupnride_nola which is the Tuesday night social ride with hundreds of riders with lights and music riding through the streets. They are also a social bike touring and rental company (BikeRite LLC) that offers private tours through the French Quarter with a social twist (

Blake believes that biking brings different people together that may have never engaged with each other if it wasn’t for having “biking” as something in common. His goal is to continue putting people on bikes for fun, exercise, and community engagement, while advocating to make the changes that make biking easier and safer for EVERYONE in EVERY neighborhood.