Fox 8 - Bike community calls for city to abolish registration requirement

Friday, Jun 29, 2018

Published: Thursday, June 28th 2018, 8:21 pm CDT
Updated: Thursday, June 28th 2018, 9:50 pm CDT
Written by: Amanda Roberts


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Bikers across New Orleans are inundating shops and agencies with calls of how to register their bikes. This after a Gentilly man was fined more than $900 for several violations, including having a bike that wasn’t registered. But the bike community says it might be time to get rid of the city requirement.

Jackie Schroeder and her husband love to bike around town but know there are rules. So after hearing they could be fined their un-registered bikes, Schroeder got on the phone to figure out what to do.

“My concern is that what if since this story has just come up that the policeman are going to be out looking for infractions?” said Schroeder.

After nearly two days’ worth of calls to bike shops across New Orleans, the city, and the NOPD, Schroeder still doesn’t have her bikes registered. To do so, she has to take proof of purchase, a check for $3 and her bike to police headquarters. For her, that means a potentially dangerous ride.

“I said I’m going to be killed. You want me to go over the South Broad overpass and run the risk of someone hitting me and falling off the side? I said I don’t ride my bike that well to get there,” said Schroeder.

These seven bike shops have partnered with the NOPD to get your bike registered:

  • Bayou Bicycles
  • Bicycle Michael’s
  • City Cycle Works
  • The Bike Shop
  • Mike the Bike Guy
  • GNO Cyclery
  • Massey’s Bicycle

However, for security reasons, these bike shops will only register your bike if you have purchased your bike from them.

It’s the lack of an easy, accessible way to register that Dan Favre with Bike Easy says the requirement should be eliminated.

“Make bike registration voluntary. It can be useful in recovering a stolen bicycle. Unfortunately, because there’s no real system at NOPD, that registration system is not as helpful in recovering a stolen bicycle,” said Favre.

He says registration difficulties and hefty fines discourage people from biking.

“I think people really need to be contacting their council member or NOPD, the mayor to ask that this requirement be removed,” he said.

If it means following the rules, Schroeder says she’ll pay the $3, but not at the expense of her safety.

“To get at $300 ticket if you don’t have a $3 sticker on your bike – that just doesn’t mesh with me that makes no sense at all. And then to say you have to come to South Broad in order to get that registration?” said Schroeder.

The office of Councilwoman Palmer, who chairs the Transportation Committee, said they are investigating the ordinances cited in the $900 ticket.

As far as the bike registration requirement, they said they aren’t ready to take a position on changes.

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