Bike Easy is turning 20 this year! The organization could not have done it without our members!
It is through our members’ financial support that we have been able to continually serve the residents of
New Orleans whether their mode of transportation is by foot, bike, public transit, or motor vehicle.
In 2022, Bike Easy was able to reach over 565 youth with programs such as our After School Ride Clubs
as well as hosted other events that allowed us to more than double our outreach since 2021. In 2022 we
hosted numerous adult education workshops that included Commuting by Bike, People Friendly Driving,
and Bike Maintenance and Safety classes. Bike Easy also assisted in the training of new League Certified
Instructors to assist with future programming.

So far in 2023 we have continued our Youth Bike Clubs with education partners, led Learn to Ride
courses which have successfully taught people of all ages to ride a bike, given residents bicycles through
the Bike Match program, distributed lifesaving bike equipment at Bike Light Giveaways, taught Bike
Safety and Maintenance in classroom settings, advocated for Complete Streets, operated Bike Valet
services at local events, hosted Bike Law Legal Clinics that offer education on case law regarding
bicycles, assisted local shops and organizations to install bike racks with our Discount Bike Rack program,
as well as coordinated Bike Rodeos that help kids learn basic traffic rules, safety, and signaling.
We are also excited to announce that this year’s Bike Easy April Challenge also had the participation of
97 organizations and 431 people who logged 58,452 miles of bicycling which reduced CO2 emissions by
6,382 lbs!

Thank you again to individual members and supporting organizations for helping Bike Easy have an
extremely successful year so far!

If you would like to become a supporting Bike Easy member, please click here. There are numerous
options for support as well as discounted membership plans for those on a limited budget. Not only is
your contribution allowing us to carry on our mission, but you will also receive perks and discounts
throughout town with collaborating businesses. Plus, you will be able to participate in our membership
party for 2023!

See you on the streets and walkways!

Bike Easy