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Community Bicycle Workshop: Pedaling for Pablove Kids Workshop

Hosted by Bike Easy and the Pablove Foundation


Sat, May 12, 2012
4:00 – 5:00 am


Holy Name of Jesus School
6325 Cromwell Place
New Orleans, LA 70118


Free, but please RSVP by email


This Workshop is great for youth, parents, and schools looking to promote:

  • Healthy active behavior
  • An easy way to commute to school and/or work
  • Safe and smart riding skills for daily use

All workshops are taught by League of American Bicyclists Instructors that teach basic skills of bicycle safety and commuting.
Bicycle Safety Workshops

  • Class Length 2-hours
  • Includes in classroom workshops for parents and hands on demos and drills for young adults to help you build confidence on your bike and covers safety rules and tips about smart riding.


  1. Bike Handling
  2. Rules of the Road
  3. Decision Making with Complexity
  4. Learning While Playing

Please bring a bike and helmets are required for all youth participants

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This Event is part of Bike Easy’s Community Bicycle Workshops Project.

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