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Wrong-Way Riding


Thu, Mar 29, 2012
10:20 – 10:20 am


All over the city


Maybe your life?


While it may seem like it’s safer to ride opposite traffic, it’s not. Going against traffic has been proven by many studies to be significantly more dangerous in every scenario.

Wrong-way riding:

  • Increases relative velocities so that impacts with cars are more serious and potentially deadly.
  • Makes it harder for cars to see you because they do not expect you to come that way.
  • Is illegal in Louisiana, and every other state due to national highway safety standards.

Yes, you are most bike lanes are in the “door zone” and also make you more susceptible to the “right hook” – when a driver passes you and turns right. However, these dangers can be mitigated with cyclist and driver education, and are SIGNIFICANTLY less dangerous than cycling against traffic.

Ride Safer

Bicycle riders are safer the more they act like cars because it means their movements predictable. No matter what you wear or how you ride, bicycle riders are hard to see for vehicle drivers, so it’s important to make eye contact and be cautious.

One reason that New Orleanians support wrong-way riding is because it was taught for many years that “two pairs of eyes are better than one” (referencing the vehicle driver and the bicycle rider). This is not true and has been scientifically proven to be incorrect – with the majority of fatalities and injuries being from bicycle riders not acting like vehicles (this includes riding on the sidewlak – also a bad idea).

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