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Volunteer for Gentilly Crossings - Walkable Streets Pop-Up Installation


Sat, Jul 28, 2018
7:00 am – 4:00 pm


Installation locations are along Mirabeau Avenue at Elysian Fields and Saint Anthony Avenues.




To improve safety and community health, Bike Easy is temporarily remaking two busy intersections in the neighborhood — Elysian Fields at Mirabeau Avenue and Saint Anthony at Mirabeau. Staff and volunteers will install elements to calm vehicular traffic including high-visibility crosswalks, curb extending bumpouts, and vertical flex-posts to better protect people walking across the street.

Sign up today to help install Gentilly Crossings! – Saturday, July 28th

Volunteer duties include:

  • General Volunteers – Set up cones, direct traffic, paint crosswalks and bike paths
  • Mural Assistants – Sweep surface, apply backing layer, paint by numbers, and stencil imagery at St Anthony & Mirabeau
  • Rain Garden Volunteers – Build out a ‘mock’ rain garden at Elysian Fields and Mirabeau

Read about the Gentilly Crossings project here.

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