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2018 Bike Easy Challenge

Regional month-long biking Challenge for everyone!


01–30 Apr 2018




Registration is required


How many badges did you earn last year? What was your total number of rides logged for 2017? Did you encourage any new riders to take a bike ride?

Mark your calendars for the second run of our month-long regional biking challenge. Register or re-register (for free) to join the 2018 Bike Easy Challenge!

Bike Easy Challenge is a fun, free competition for everyone in the region. Ride anywhere, anytime for just 10 minutes to participate. We will announce random prizes every week in April for various categories like new riders, top encouragers, or rides logged. Prizes will be awarded to Challenge winners as well. The more often you log rides and encourage others to log their rides, the more likely you are to win a prize!

How many badges will you earn this year??

NOTE: If you participated in the 2017 Challenge, you will be asked to re-register for the 2018 Challenge when logging into your profile again.

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This Event is part of Bike Easy’s Bike Easy April Challenge Project.

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